About Our Company

Founded in 2005 by the visionary graduate engineer, Er. Bipin Bihari Sarangi, Mediaid Marketing Services started as a proprietorship company with a focus on Research & Development in "Biomedical Waste Management." Our mission was clear – to contribute to a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment through in-house technology and development. Over the years, Mediaid has evolved into a leading solution and service provider for the professional, hygienic, and safe treatment of biomedical waste generated by clinics, pathogenic laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

To strengthen our capabilities, Mediaid formed a consortium comprising multidisciplinary professionals, engineers, and skilled technical personnel, all led by experienced management. Our expansion journey began in 2009 with the inclusion of equipment and consultancy services, followed by a venture into metallic and non-metallic components (PVC/HDPE pipes & fittings) essential for biomedical waste management solutions in 2012. In 2015, we extended our commitment to environmental care activities, aligning with our dedication to preserving ecosystems and the environment.

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With extensive expertise, research, and development, Mediaid has emerged as a pioneering leader in Biomedical Waste Management Systems across the state of Odisha. Introducing standardized systems for the proper disposal of various types of biomedical waste, including segregation, color-coded bags with barcodes, we have been offering comprehensive solutions for biomedical waste management, medical laundry services, sewage treatment, effluent treatment, and facility management since 2021.

In a significant milestone achieved in 2024, Mediaid introduced a groundbreaking Bio Medical Liquid Waste Treatment through Electrochemical Technology. Our commitment to safety, health awareness, and cleanliness is evident in the extensive training provided to our professionals and healthcare facility (HCF) personnel.

Notably, Mediaid initiated, commissioned, and currently operates the Central Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) in Berhampur & Sundargargh, Odisha, reaching another pinnacle in our journey. To ensure the safe transportation of biomedical solid waste to this facility, we expanded our business to include our own transport vehicles, equipped with pollution control color-coded bags and disposal bins, aiming to prevent the spread of virus-related illnesses caused by biomedical waste.


Our vision is to establish a strong and esteemed presence among hospitals, clinics, pathology laboratories, and healthcare facilities by specializing in the responsible management of both liquid and solid medical waste. Through our expertise in biomedical liquid and solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, and medical laundry services, we aim to cultivate a reputation built on excellence and reliability.


As a committed waste management service provider in biomedical, clinical, hospital, laboratory, and healthcare settings, we prioritize excellence. Our mission is to deliver specialized services such as medical laundry, sewage treatment, and wastewater treatment. Supported by disciplined professionals, we ensure the responsible and efficient handling of biomedical (Liquid & Solid) waste in line with the highest quality and compliance standards.